Academy Philosophy

Why We Coach

The New England Academy of Tennis is a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance and partners with Growing Champions for Life.

Mission Statement

The New England Academy of Tennis aims to unlock the true potential of all our athletes.  We guide players along a critical path towards success as defined by and for each individual.  No matter what level our players seek to reach, whether they are at the early stages of tournament play, hope to integrate tennis into an overall collegiate experience or even dream to make their mark as a professional, the Academy brings together a team of expert coaches and specialists in support disciplines whose goal is to ensure the development of a complete athlete.

Coaching Philosophy

As coaches we recognize that we are the stewards of someone else’s dreams.  Our job is to ensure that athletes have as many options open for their tennis for as long as possible so they can make the choice about what kind of tennis player they want to be.  As such, we work as a team to support our players and we emphasize certain principles that we feel lead to long-term success on the tennis court.

Process-oriented approach – We believe that if you take care of the process, the outcome will take care of itself.  Being successful on the tennis court doesn’t relate directly to rankings or to wins and losses, it relates more to understanding and executing the principles of percentage tennis and putting in the hard work to make those principles intuitive.  Athletes give themselves the best chance of success when they understand the process.

Integrated training – We train our athletes in all areas that contribute to success on the court including, biomechanics, tactical skills, physical training, mental skills, and nutrition.  We believe an integrated approach will sustain our athletes through the long process of becoming an elite tennis player.

Team approach – Our athletes benefit from having the collective experience of our coaching staff.  They also gain much from their peers.  Likewise, their own contributions add intrinsic value to the academy team—each player can give as much to the program as they get from it.

Independent thinking and action – As coaches we strive to support our athlete’s development, not dictate it.  Through the development process the athlete should be accountable for their own game, making informed decisions that fit in with their own vision.

The complete athlete—We train the athlete to understand all the skills necessary to become a successful tennis player, to balance tennis with personal goals, and to come to understand their own game and take ownership of their development.